exhibition in Swansea….update

it will come as no surprise, that my exhibition planned for June 2020, has had to be postponed. There will come a day when this will take place, at another time,  in Swansea, and hopefully, at the wonderful Volcano Theatre gallery. The subject matter will be the same, but in an evolving world, how it is represented, will no doubt change.  


My first encounter with a spomenik;

I had inadvertently encountered a spomenik in Slovenia, on a cycling trip with friends in the autumn of  2011, near a small town called Gonjace. This example was one of the many memorials to the battles fought in the Second World War, in what had been Yugoslavia. It is actually quite figurative, and represents a horde of human figures; with corpses lying on the ground, adjacent. In fact, this one is unusual in its realism, as many of the spomeniks refer  to the human form in a much more subtle manner.

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