exhibition in Swansea…2nd attempt…5-16th July 2022

The exhibition planned for 9-22nd June 2020 at Volcano Theatre Seaside Gallery in Swansea, had to be postponed. The second attempt will happen on the 5-16th July, 2022. It will be over two years later, and the exhibition will have evolved over that time. I shall be giving a short talk at 7 pm  on the 8th July.

This exhibition  is timed to coincide with the commemoration during the second week of July, of the Srebrenica Massacre, in which over 8000 Bosniak men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in 1995. The killing amounted to genocide, as determined by The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

a book….on a photograph site?

It has been a while coming, and while it is all words, and only one photograph, there is a link between the two. The poems cover a lot of ground, actually, and symbolically, and they are observational, as are the photographs on this site. 

updated - January 2023.  

Caroline Clark, writing for the popular Ego magazine, from Aberystwyth, reviewed the book for the March 2022 edition. 

Front cover of Poems by Tim Strang, Review by Caroline Clark in March 2022 edition of EGO, Aberystwyth

Dad’s slides from the 1960’s

So, my father’s slides, dusty, languishing for about 60 years, are not visible to anyone. My family moved to Ethiopia when I was about 4 or 5, in 1959. My father worked for Dunlop Tyres, and spent four years as their representative, visiting the countries of the Horn of Africa, and also the Hadramawt. On occasion, the entire family went along, in the company Landrover. I have vivid memories of overland trips from Addis Ababa to the Red Sea coast, Massawa, Assab, and places en route, like the beautiful city of Asmara. We also travelled to Khartoum, and to what was then called Tanganyika. I may get some of the place names wrong in detailing these images. In recent years, I have revisited many of these places myself. Its thought-provoking to see how the places have changed in 60 years.

So, the slides he took are now going to reach the world. Getting these slides scanned and identified has been a collaborative family enterprise.

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